Muuvsport Story


MuuvSport™ is a performance foam roller and wellness product company focused on improving mobility, recovery and enhanced well-being. The founder of the company Michael Palizzi is a firm believer in the therapeutic benefits of wellness products, especially foam rollers.

This “
new design concept” of a foam roller initially transpired through a childhood sports injury that Michael sustained in his back. One day, Michael was introduced to a foam roller and realized wow this feels great except for the discomfort along the spine. Michael was also looking for a larger roller that would offer higher elevation, more stability and a longer range of motion. After researching various products and seeing that a real need for a better roller, Michael develop a product that could take rollers to the next level. As a result, MuuvSport™ was created based on the necessity to develop something more robust than the standard rollers on the market. Out of this desire to improve a good idea and build a better product, a ground-breaking patented design called the Stealth Align™ was born.

This revolutionary patented design involved adding two cylindrical wheels in the middle of the roller with 58 elevated diamond shaped foam protrusions for added muscle stimulation. Strategically placing a slight separation called a “center channel” between the two cylindrical wheels allows your spinal column to be free from any direct impact to it. The Stealth Align™ is the only foam roller that is 8 inches in diameter which provides higher elevation, more stability and longer range of motion. Based on responses we received from medical professionals and elite athletes there is no other foam roller in existence that isolates and targets the lower, mid, and upper back and shoulder muscles as effectively like the Stealth Align™. The density and unique design of the roller provides a multi-purpose function for different stretches and a “deep tissue” massage to your legs and calves as well as exercises for your core muscles such as your abdominals.


The Stealth Align™ is designed to stimulate, stretch, and provide better blood flow to your muscles. A term called Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) is a technique used ideally when using a foam roller to keep muscles from tightening up and exerting more force than your bones can tolerate. Muscles can be full of scar tissue and soft tissue adhesion's, or knots also referred to as tight spots. Think of knots in a muscle as knots in a rope. If one were to pull on a rope with a knot in it, i.e., stretch a muscle that hasn't been relaxed, the knot will simply tighten. In order to lengthen the rope, the knot or tight spot must first be taken out, meaning the muscle has to be inhibited and in a state of relaxation prior to lengthening.

A foam roller such as the Stealth Align™ can stimulate that muscle, and in turn, allow you to stretch more effectively, and give you a greater range of motion. The Stealth Align™ design is perfect because it helps stretch a muscle which increases its length.


There are multiple benefits to using our roller; first, a majority of teenagers and adults will be affected by back, shoulder, or leg injuries, which can be greatly reduced by proper stretching and utilizing the right device such as the Stealth Align™ to help aid in faster recuperation. Second, our research has indicated that in addition to improving better mobility and isolating sore muscles, the Stealth Align™ can help improve athletic performance, reduce the risk of injury and provide quicker recovery time to get back to your activity of daily living.


Anytime you feel a need to stretch or exercise! It can be done before a workout or post workout, in your hotel room if you’re traveling, in the convenience of your own home or office. Depending on your level of fitness, in the beginning it may create an unfamiliar tension and discomfort but you will feel better afterwards, especially those who are not used to the sensation of the Stealth Align™ or foam rollers in general.