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First off, the
Stealth Align is Made in the Not many companies can say that about their roller!

The material used to make the Stealth Align can be resistant to bacteria.

Stealth Align foam beads produce a very flexible closed-cell foam which offers a high degree of resiliency. This material can withstand repetitive deformations and still maintain its dimensions and cushioning.

A 24" inch long by 8" inch diameter creates an abundance of benefits like no other roller!

A lot of companies want to compensate roller size for ease of shipping or traveling but end up losing the true benefits of an actual larger roller.

What benefits do an 8" inch diameter roller provide with a unique center channel:

* Stability - This roller is tall, durable and supports a wide range of body types! You get great elevation while rolling and stretching.

* Longer Range of Motion - You get a much fuller range while stretching and rolling.

* 58 Raised Diamond Pressure Points - Helps provide even deeper tissue massage. You will feel it!

* Spinal Channel - This area is big enough to fit all body types and provide a secure guide for the spine, calves and many other extremities.

What benefits do the Outer Wings of the Stealth Align provide:

True Stability - Contact with the shoulders provide protection and a secure fit while rolling out the back.

- Allows you to be square as you roll back and fourth.

- Allows elbow placement on each side to help control the pressure being applied.

- Allows you to isolate one side of the back and not feel unbalanced.

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