Eunice Gong - Physical Therapist, WA
"Specializing in Orthopedics and Sports Therapy for close to 15 years, I've used the standard density white foam rollers found traditionally in PT clinics with my clients for years to treat chronic neck and back pain as well as to rehabilitate clients after spinal and upper/lower extremity surgeries and injuries.

Although these types of dense foam rollers worked adequately for certain exercises, my clients and I always found them to be generally too uncomfortable for exercises that promote range of motion of the neck and back or for flexibility exercises such as the quadricepts, hamstrings, iliotibial band and calf muscles. Now finally there is the Stealth Align Roller by MuuvSport. I have never seen such an innovative and effective foam roller design. The channel created by the two discs as well as the wider tapered cylinder of this roller provides significantly more comfort to the spinous processes of the back and along the joint line and shaft of the extremities to help promote range of motion, flexibility and therefore pain relief during exercises compared to traditional rollers.
I used the Stealth Align Roller myself to treat my own acute back stiffness after sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress recently and within 10 reps received instant relief! I would highly recommend the Stealth Align Roller to my clients!"

Rachel Boller - Fitness Blogger, Weight Loss Coach, and Turbo Kick Instructor, WA
"I have the privilege of meeting and working with people of varying fitness levels. One thing that I have learned through my own journey into athleticism along with working with others is that one of the key ingredients for seeing results is the right recovery tools. While foam rollers overall are wonderful for recovery, the Stealth Align certainly stands out from the crowd.

A common complaint I have heard from many with using traditional or even 'rumble' style rollers is that certain areas are difficult to isolate without experiencing muscle strain or even pain. Upper body muscles can be difficult to roll out due to inability to position your body in a way to comfortably use the roller. Rolling out back muscles can lead to muscle strains due to difficulty finding the right positioning for the right weight distribution on the roller. And then there's just the muscle fatigue from having to balance in different ways - all of these things can make foam rolling quite a turn off! The shape of the Stealth Align, particularly the raised center, eliminates these issues. The raised center is aligned in a way where you can foam roll your back muscles and upper body comfortably. I enjoy and look forward to foam rolling with the Stealth Align whereas with my traditional foam roller, foam rolling felt more like a dreaded chore.

This year, I used the Stealth Align as part of my training for running the Amica Seattle Half Marathon. It was wonderful for keeping my muscles loose and flexible and when my husband showed up at the finish line with the Stealth Align in hand, it was a wonderful relief for my quads, glutes and calves after quite the hilly run! I absolutely recommend the Stealth Align especially to anyone who participates in high impact sports such as running. It's wonderful for recovery and leaves your muscles ready for the next workout!"

Cassandra Stephens - CrossFit Competitor, WA
"Gorilla Games was the first time I had seen your roller and it felt awesome. So glad I bought one...My back has felt awesome using it!!"

Dr. Jack Tsong - Chiropractic Physician, WA
"Since I've been in practice for over 17 years, I have seen many conditions from patients in the past such as sciatica and back pain whom have benefited from home orthotic devices such as the Stealth Align exercise foam roller and I will definitely use it as a supplement in my treatment program.

In addition to aligning the spine with my adjustments, the Stealth Align is also an important tool that the patients have at home to break fibrous adhesions, decrease muscle spasm and work on muscle knots while increasing joint mobility.

It is a very simple and safe device that when properly used, can strengthen core stability and help with posture and balance at home. I highly recommend it!"

Jameel Shamsiddeen - Captain in the US Army, WA
"I consider myself a very active and fit person who enjoys working out and staying in shape. As a fitness trainer and gym owner, I have used many different types of foam rollers in the past but I can truly say that the Stealth Align is one of a kind. One of the main reasons that I prefer the Stealth Align is that it can be used to not only treat the athlete but treat the injured as well. This roller is aligned to travel down your whole spine area and it digs into your back very well. The good thing about this roller is you can control how much pressure you want to apply to the areas you concentrate on. I am definitely recommending this roller and two thumbs up!"

Loren Eich - Certified Personal Trainer, NFPT, WA
"Flexibility and core strength are two areas that most anyone can improve upon. This is where having a tool like the Stealth Align is very beneficial. The wide range of stretches and exercises you can perform on this state of the art foam roller is what makes it so attractive.

You have the ability to perform anything from a simple upper back stretch to a complex core targeting push-up, quite simply, the Stealth Align is the swiff army knife of foam rollers. By having a raised center you have the ability to isolate the muscles with added pressure. If you want more distributed pressure you can use the "wings" of the Stealth Align.
With enough practice you can safely and effectively use the roller to pinpoint knots and provide a soothing massage. It is ideal for stretches as well as strengthening your body. I would absolutely recommend the Stealth Align to a friend, family member, or a client."

Robert Sax - Owner CrossFit Amped, C.S.C.S, CrossFit Level 1, WA
As a full time coach and athlete at my CrossFit gym every second to relax and to either sit or mobilize is greatly appreciated. It’s easy to just sit down on your typical foam roller and move back and forth but how much is really being done? With the Stealth Align it almost forces you into a position for desired treatment. The grooves are well contoured for your back and the slopes of the sides help target hamstring and IT band better than any of the rollers I have used. Most foam rollers are the same. This is the first one that has an unconventional design which proves to be a more effective tool for bodily maintenance no matter what your sport. Put one of these next to your other foam rollers at your gym and let your members try it out and expect a positive reaction! or a painful one......either are desirable! Buy in bulk too! They're less expensive than a typical roller at your local sporting goods store.