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Did you know that you can fast track your recovery process by foam rolling? It's no surprise that the more you do foam rolling exercises and stretches the better your body will perform. ™ Every person needs to know that focusing on recovery is a crucial component to increasing performance and decreasing the risk of injury. It's why those who train consistently should get proper rest between sessions, focus on their nutrition, and get enough sleep on a daily basis. However, sometimes those methods are not enough to reduce soreness and get you back to 100% as fast as you may like.

Foam rolling is based on the concept of self-myofascial release (SMR), which is a simple term for self massage. Within the past few decades it's been proven that professional massage is very effective way of breaking down "knots", "hot spots", "tension areas" and scar tissue in the muscle, which in turn allow individuals to recover faster. Having a massage every day is not very practical of course and thus herein lies the beauty of the Stealth Align™ roller; it is always available for use, and it is inexpensive.

Let's get into some details as mentioned earlier foam rolling utilizes SMR. Muscle contains a proprietor called the Golgi Tendon Organ. The GTO is responsible for saving us from injuries. When a muscle is activated to the point of near injury, the GTO reflex sends a message to shut the muscle down.

Before we break it down, we will throw a little more alphabet soup at you – this is called autogenic inhibition. The Golgi tendon is basically providing the body feedback on muscle tension. Autogenic inhibition is a safety measure to shut muscles down before they provide more force than bones and tendons can handle.

Without getting too complicated, the pressure created by the foam rolling stimulates the GTO and causes the muscle to relax. The brief relaxation will allow for an increased range of motion (ROM) and improve tissue quality (Its important to not only have strong muscles, but also flexible – especially for athletes and anyone that wants to feel better from lifting).

Reduction in soft tissue tension will help restore the muscle’s length-tension relationship. Simply put, foam rolling is one step to returning the muscle back it’s healthy state to fire most efficiently.

Don't wait any longer! Start rolling today with a Stealth Align!